Friday, 5 August 2011

Animals don't Fret

Just yesterday, I was about climbing up the stairs to my house when I discovered a ram fastened to an iron rod. The ram stared at me, I did same. Its gaze was so strong on me, even as I went round in circles just to be close enough to the stairs. Precisely as I predicted, it let out this “meeeh” sound in a loud pitch even as I fled upstairs for my life’s sake; imagine that.
                 It’s so appalling how rude Lagos animals can be. For crying out loud! Science clearly points out that human beings are higher animals; higher implies seniority and that in itself is self-explanatory. Some weeks back, I was tapping joyously on my lappy when a gecko came out of the blue. I’m not done yet, it sensed my presence and gave “side-glances” of which it didn’t scramble away until I sent my flip-flops spinning towards it.
 Last month, I and a friend were strolling to a shop to get dinner when a BIG rat dazzled us by using my friend’s leg as a zebra crossing... Of course! She screamed and I laughed so hard, I was almost in tears.
This morning, I walked past a hen and a cock feasting and dishing out judgment to a discarded meal. The duo didn’t do as much as flutter or run off, they continued with their business. Truth be told, animals would always be animals. They have a sense of their own, but they do a very good job of living up to their name...
Till later lurvies ™, I’m too chicken to say
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  1. well u've said it all since u are a higher specie of animal or perhaps u've got talents wit animals wonder why u read actuarial science wen zoology was available its neva too late switch wen pursuing ur masters. (just jokin) nyc kd

  2. lol..thats all i'm gonna say..thanks anonymous

  3. hahahah.. funny post.
    there is nothing i hate more than rats.
    they freak me out.