Monday, 18 July 2011

hardcore chic

So, today boredom decided to creep in but me being the tough one that I I put on a tough skin and said 'NO' by flipping through  the pages of a Harper's Bazaar magazine. This magazine has suffered from my hands through my continuous act of using it as my boredom fallback-upon, but, what the heck? its a fashion magazine.
        I took my time to scrutinize the pages calculating the cost of some piece of clothing or shoe. mehn! the costs of some items in this mag is enough to start a business #Nokidding. Designer items are no child's play. Meanwhile, I stumbled upon a feature on the British Fashion Award, Victoria Beckham was looking smashing in her own label, she wore a draped black dress with a thigh-high slit from her s/s collection; i admire her go-getter behaviour plus she's style's definition itself. The part that caught my eye, very funny indeed , was a caption which reads,
                            "During dinner, Erin O' Connor discarded her vintage shoes, but kept her feet firmly tucked under her chair"
Cameras this days are not smiling, but her picture was taken alongsides the shoes under the table. I'm not blaming the camera, all i'm saying is that we all should beware of our acts in public. When in heels, be graceful enough to leave it on.If it hurts; yeah! you knew that before you put it on. Let's be chic all the way.

Till later lurvies..xoxo
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  1. babez i need some of a sketches u need to help a sister out

  2. hw do i send it to u & what dyu want exactly @ lamiloly