Monday, 27 June 2011

The lÖÖk that Made heads turn...

So last Sunday has come and gone and with much gratitude for good health and stability, a great semester ends. There was much hype about this Sunday ‘cos its the last (we hope so). A lot went into it, girls were trad-o-crazy in the bid to outshine others with their stunning looks and guys were just amazing.
Anyway, I thought to myself, that I could not afford to be left out in this drama and did I bring drama? Yes, I did... My proposed fabric wasn’t really vibrant, so, I gave my tailor a mixed up and twisted design to add that “It” pop to the dress at least that’s what these is about. I also decided to tie a June Ambrose turban, but it went all wrong- guess I need more tutorial on that one. I fashioned out my own version of it which gave me “the attention”..The drama was hilarious and sick; the choir was oohh-la-la. The oddest thing was that non-choir members sang; they totally rocked it. After all, last Sunday is dedicated to the graduating class. I must say, that I got to church when everyone was seated (except the and that multiplied the lookery(permit me). Here goes the look.....

Shoes: jezebel by BAKERS
Beads by Opal
Dress: made with two random Ankara fabrics

Me digging it alongsides ty and elly

Me,elly, ty, akufor

Well that’s all lurvies™, till next time. Keep it green and give a grin, life is not so hard...

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