Saturday, 31 December 2011


2011 in its entirety me and I hope it was for you. All in all,my blessings are innumerable; believe me there are lots of things to be thankful for. I got my Bachelors degree at the age of 19(not a great feat to me though) with God's help and my lovely friends.

 permit the stressed faces
Its also no news that i'm the newest Benin bound ahjuwaya having recently graduated from an otondo( I don't know what that means). I made new friends and connected better with old ones. 

Inasmuch as no one is perfect, some grave mistakes were made but I've learnt greatly. 

Enough talk, here are some amazing pictures I took during the course of the year.
Akufor and I
my modelling stunts
my styling faux pas
girls day out
Elegushi paroles
there she goes again
 2011 will be gone in a few hours, so lets raise our glasses to a new year and toast to a good life.

Shoutout to my readers,make challenging resolutions and be self disciplined enough to fulfill them.

Monday, 14 November 2011

So Far, So ...

I've been inconsistent lately and i apologize for that. A lot happened during the short period of been away from here, as you know life goes on.


  • I had the BIG CHOP last week, not necessarily because I’m following a trend but my hair was shamefully uneven and it was literally an embarrassment that I could bear no more. Honestly, I had no ounce of regret even as the guy in the salon picked up his clippers to start the shaving process; rather I felt elated because I know it is a good change.

    Forgive the pout; it just had to be did  done

    •  NYSC November batch is calling urgently and Edo state is the place. I had mixed feelings when got the call-up but I knew deep down that some drama was going to go down. On getting home, mum asked and I gave her the news. The dialogue went thus: 

    MUM: Why did u come back late from school, ehn?
     ME: I had to wait for my statement of result to be signed and it took so long.
    MUM: Ok, so where did they post you to?
    ME: Ma                                    
    MUM: Where did they post you to, now?
    ME: Edo state, Ma.
    MUM: Ah! You’re not going oh.
    ME: Why would I not go, when the date of deployment has been fixed?
    MUM: What happened to Lagos?
    ME: You should be thankful o, what of those that were posted to Nassarawa and Bayelsa. Besides I’m not the only one from my school.
    MUM: How many are you?
    ME: I know of five.
    ME: Anyway, all I know is that come Tuesday I’m on my way to Edo.
    MUM: So have you eaten?
    ME: No, I’m not hungry. (Forming hunger strike)
    MUM: Eat a little now, ehn?
    ME: I’ll eat later. Not now
    So after a while she gave it a thought and she went like;
    MUM: Edo is not really far o. You’re like five from your school that you know of abi?
    ME: yes Ma.
    MUM: ok! Give me a list of all what you need.
    Even as she kept asking the other question I was satisfied that she agreed finally.
    •  I took driving lessons not long ago. Manual is not a small issue o, the clutch and its kata-kata. Automatic is just the business.
    • I continued further on my sewing soon to come.


    • The only headphone in the house that makes sense has gone wrong. Gadgets are not to be trusted, they sometimes disappoint you.#word
    Beats gone wrong

    •    MRS BASHIRU: I said it earlier that I took driving lessons. On this fateful day, my dad was not around and it was getting dark so I decided to drive the car .As I swerved the corner to avoid near danger I bashed a woman’s stall and caused a scene in the market. I was so shock and embarrassed that I sat down in the car for close to two minutes. Nothing broke and nobody got injured the car wasn’t even scratched after hitting the iron stand. It was a miracle of some sort. I was given the “MRS BASHIRU” name by himself. 

    Till later lurvies™. More news to come hopefully from camp...Ahoy

    Have a lovely day/week/month.

    Saturday, 15 October 2011

    M&T Loves: KANYE WEST

    The M&T Loves is a new series on this blog and it features people or things that catches my eye and keep me inspired, so to speak.
    Kanye is my first male feature, pretty much the first feature.  Asides the fact that he spills crazy Rap music...he’s also super stylish and fashionable, his stylist surely does a great number on him. I’m not really a big fan of his music but his style is elegant and dapper. Nigerian males and celebrity alike could take a cue. Here are a few pictures I’ve garnered do enjoy...

    i don't know anyone who can pull this look off in Nigeria. maybe Dimeji Alara

    what do you think?

    Saturday, 1 October 2011


    It’s really true when people say it’s a small world. I mean it could be confirmed when you’re humming a tune inside and someone sings it out loud, and then you go: i was just singing that song in my mind. So, i was snooping around the blogville as i normally do and I found these pictures, it was almost like we had conjoined thoughts and all. My version of this look was posted HERE because i was trying to channel June Ambrose but you know what they say about “Creativity being the mother of invention”...

    there it is....hope you get my drift?
     Till later lurvies. Happy Sunday :)

    Thursday, 22 September 2011


    This post is coming out late. Do pardon me my dears, I’m sort of internet deprived #wink. On Sunday I didn’t go to church, laziness and all...I’m not proud of it but despite my being home, I was itching to sew something. This doesn’t happen normally except in special cases of designing. The urge was too strong and I couldn’t put it off long enough. One amazing fact about this creation is that it was Handmade from different Ankara pieces. So this is what I made:

                         THE MIX AND MATCH JACKET


    THE EQUIPMENT: Tape rule,Scissors, Needle and thread, my scrapbook,biro...


    Pardon the tired face

     The jacket wasn’t finished until midnight and it took most of my time plus I took these pictures afterwards. it’s not perfect but it’s a start. What do you think?