Monday, 14 November 2011

So Far, So ...

I've been inconsistent lately and i apologize for that. A lot happened during the short period of been away from here, as you know life goes on.


  • I had the BIG CHOP last week, not necessarily because I’m following a trend but my hair was shamefully uneven and it was literally an embarrassment that I could bear no more. Honestly, I had no ounce of regret even as the guy in the salon picked up his clippers to start the shaving process; rather I felt elated because I know it is a good change.

    Forgive the pout; it just had to be did  done

    •  NYSC November batch is calling urgently and Edo state is the place. I had mixed feelings when got the call-up but I knew deep down that some drama was going to go down. On getting home, mum asked and I gave her the news. The dialogue went thus: 

    MUM: Why did u come back late from school, ehn?
     ME: I had to wait for my statement of result to be signed and it took so long.
    MUM: Ok, so where did they post you to?
    ME: Ma                                    
    MUM: Where did they post you to, now?
    ME: Edo state, Ma.
    MUM: Ah! You’re not going oh.
    ME: Why would I not go, when the date of deployment has been fixed?
    MUM: What happened to Lagos?
    ME: You should be thankful o, what of those that were posted to Nassarawa and Bayelsa. Besides I’m not the only one from my school.
    MUM: How many are you?
    ME: I know of five.
    ME: Anyway, all I know is that come Tuesday I’m on my way to Edo.
    MUM: So have you eaten?
    ME: No, I’m not hungry. (Forming hunger strike)
    MUM: Eat a little now, ehn?
    ME: I’ll eat later. Not now
    So after a while she gave it a thought and she went like;
    MUM: Edo is not really far o. You’re like five from your school that you know of abi?
    ME: yes Ma.
    MUM: ok! Give me a list of all what you need.
    Even as she kept asking the other question I was satisfied that she agreed finally.
    •  I took driving lessons not long ago. Manual is not a small issue o, the clutch and its kata-kata. Automatic is just the business.
    • I continued further on my sewing soon to come.


    • The only headphone in the house that makes sense has gone wrong. Gadgets are not to be trusted, they sometimes disappoint you.#word
    Beats gone wrong

    •    MRS BASHIRU: I said it earlier that I took driving lessons. On this fateful day, my dad was not around and it was getting dark so I decided to drive the car .As I swerved the corner to avoid near danger I bashed a woman’s stall and caused a scene in the market. I was so shock and embarrassed that I sat down in the car for close to two minutes. Nothing broke and nobody got injured the car wasn’t even scratched after hitting the iron stand. It was a miracle of some sort. I was given the “MRS BASHIRU” name by himself. 

    Till later lurvies™. More news to come hopefully from camp...Ahoy

    Have a lovely day/week/month.


    1. you look good with the short hair.I could never pull it off

    2. brave chica, but it really suits you x

    3. Hey !I woudl lvoe to see yo blogging again! COuld u please consider following each other? Twitter:@shineonbyandrea