Friday, 27 May 2011

Bow run

Quite a while, I must say. School work is so heavy on mind, my project work and all. One can’t even get a whiff of fun, it’s super saddening but we all know that after schoolwork comes holiday..whoop whoop, can’t wait. Anyway it rained today and then came the sun, as always, man gats get shades....I wonder why peeps don’t come to my motherland for a tan, it’s so hot, you can fry some eggs.
That aside, i’m still rocking my scarves like no other. All thanks to one hairstylist that wanted to spoil my shine with an ugbeke style, but trust... i brought sexy back. I’m posting a few pics of my wonderful bows..shoutout to Trizah, she helped with tying it up, plus she’s my photographer on the side ;) 

                                                                leggings: can't remember  
                                                                Bag: gotten from mum
                                                                Jacket: Trizah's
                                                                Scarf: pashmina
                                                                shoes: atmosphere                 

                         This was the picture i intended posting but my love for the camera knows no bounds,
                                                           others came running along

 Jacket: ankara

                                                                      Bag: vintage,from momma                                                                           
                                                                      scarf: akufor's

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comments and suggestions are most welcome.

later lurvies.

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