Friday, 29 April 2011

scarves i heart

I seem not to know why i've developed a bond with scarves. An opportunity to wear one is what I seek and va va voom! i'm tying one up..Most times, my scarves are used in place of  bands and when i think of what exactly inspires it, only one thing comes to mind, my bohemian hair... By this, i don't mean my real hair. it's just one of the hairstyles i've had in mind to do. scarves are versatile and can be used in various ways.some displayed below:

My bow is kinda

The lady above used her scarf as a band too. i'm particular about her color mix, neutral all the way with a blend of brown. i love the way she rocked the whites though: the frame of her shades, the neckline. she kinda looks like nicole richie. what do you think?

A patterned scarf was used here(pics kinda blurry) + i had this red thing going on, my lips and the earring  
scarf used as shawl

scarf used in place of a belt

scarf used to wrap up a gift

how to do the loop style

scarf used as knotted necklace
The ways through which a scarf can be rocked is inexhaustible. this is just a few. feel free to try out new things 'cos it sure doesn't hurt.


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