Thursday, 28 April 2011

phone craze

TECHNOLOGY in its entirety has held its own in our world evolving in different forms. One main reason why I buy the idea amongst others is that it makes life much more interesting and makes tasks easily achieved taking into cognizance time. As we all know, everything has its own side effects and some of the harm done by technology could point to the fact that it makes one lazy and in as much as it is time-conscious, it could be time sapping...

An important turn out of technology is a gadget called “PHONE”. Phones produce quicker access to internet/social networking sites, makes communication easy and stress-free compared to way back when letters were still in vogue, of which, receipt is uncertain considering time and distance..Trust me, it's a relief when i call my roomie to help me get my stuffs for me rather than climb the staircase all the way up to the top floor. Phones come in different brands, shapes and sizes which include NOKIA, LG, BLACKBERRY, APPLE iPHONE, SAMSUNG and a host of others.

The applications on each phone vary according to their size, memory, price: this is important because you can't access the internet with a phone such as The Nokia 3310..I remember the 3310 very well because it was the 1st mobile used by my mom. Phones like that are rarely seen these days considering the turnout of phones in my homeland. It's almost as if it is being feasted upon, permit me to say, my people are so material, I fear for our economy. We prefer having the latest than invest. it is a bug which i admit cannot be killed so easily even by the most vicious insecticide ever produced, we just have to keep enduring the bites, hoping that time would heal. ok! it's getting

I personally think your phone sorta defines your person plus there’s this thought that goes through peoples’ minds when you’re spotted with a “happening” phone, it makes you feel all fly and YES!! you get it. Phones could also be used as a fashion statement when jazzed up with colourful casings/pouches/covers which can complement your dress, blouse, top or whatever you’re wearing, so much so that even the young folks wanna feel among.image on

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