Thursday, 18 August 2011

Love + Price Tag

Love is an affectionate feeling for another who may not necessarily be the opposite sex; it could be expressed to friends both male and female alike, colleagues and even our It is mostly misconstrued with Lust- which is a sexual desire, obsession- almost psychotic and near suicidal;  the character played by Idris Elba who starred alongside Beyonce Knowles in OBSESSION will give you a load down on his experience , infatuation and a host of others which isn’t mentioned but, I presume you know.
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Proceeding in context of the mutual kind of love; one with a guy and a lady or vice-versa as the case may be. It makes you giddy and topsy-turvy with joy and excitement, almost like you can catch a grenade for the Well! with the passage of time, it’ll be noticed that the true essence of love and what it encapsulates has been watered down. Let’s cast our mind back and remember the likes of Romeo and Juliet; the two love birds who died for love- very epic and Titanic’s duo-Jack and Rose, theirs was just a magical affair all the way. I must confess that teardrops fell off my eye at one point while watching the movie...yeah! I said it. You could well say that it’s a fiction but there was just this surreal feel about it that can’t be overemphasized. In my opinion, love should be right not one sided but a two way street. It shouldn’t be sloppy though, it takes an open mind and wisdom.
                In recent times, it’s being described in terms of the type of car, job, ice, money that the other earns. Suffice it to say that love conquers all and as such it should rule. Don’t claim to love because of the benefits attached to it. All that glitters aren’t gold goes an axiom. What would be left when the gold and all things fly decide to take a break? No more Gucci, Prada, Chanel and Jimmy Choos. I leave you to answer that.
                As wonderful and breath-taking as it might seem there is no contesting the fact that it has its own pain. Just as life is full of ups and downs, so is Love. Life and love are never nearly so neat1. Sometimes there’s a twinge of jealousy and other times, all just seems annoying and incomprehensible; so much so that backing down and given it all up seems the best solution. Tolerance, understanding, communication, respect for each other’s opinion and a lot more is key to making it work.
                Love doesn’t make the world go round; it makes ride worthwhile2. Live, care and let love soak up and tear away the price tag...
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1 Lucy yeomans of Harper’s Bazaar
2 Franklin P. Jones


  1. Nice piece... but sometimes love can be overrated.. Most people who preach it don't really practice it....

  2. yeah! couldn't agree more..Thanks for reading