Monday, 12 September 2011


It’s annoying how PHCN chooses to cut off power supply when my movie is getting interesting. There are so many things I want to say but I chose not to because my words are sometimes against me and swallowing them back could get me choked up. Why would you commit suicide and go to hell? If you’re hell bound, why not rock the world and repent not? Well, what do I know, aye? 
I’m wondering what hair stunt RIHANNA is going to pull off after the Redhead theme, maybe purple. I can’t believe I once called ADELEAdèlé” (use your Yoruba tongue if you’ve got one or ask). Sometimes, I think of the use of a TIME MACHINE-its versatility wows me but it’s apparently not real so I’ll put a full stop to that.
I wanna be successful so freaking BAD. As little as “1” can be, it can make so much difference. Less I forget, HAHA! I was freakingly punked the other day.
Till later lurvies

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